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Goals, Challenges & Emerging Opportunities
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Goals, Challenges & Emerging Opportunities

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Our Medium & Long Range Goals
Underlying Challenges

Corporate-Owned Media

Grassroots Community Organizations

Strong on Infotainment
Weak on Community
Weak on Infotainment
Strong on Community

- slick, compelling yet meaningless "news"
- lots of sports hero and celebrity worship
- consumer oriented puffery is also advertiser friendly

- poor regard for community concerns
- little understanding of community issues
- centralized, remote and hierarchical news management
- focused on real issues and concerns affecting the community
- such concerns lack glamor, pizazz or easy solutions
- long-established community relationships
- strong grasp of community concerns
- localized issue management and flattened hierarchy

Emerging Opportunities

Corporate-Owned Media:
Receding Yet Remains Dominant

Grassroots Media:
Growing But Vulnerable

- owned by a handful of large corporations
- driven by the profit motive
- corporate and government press releases are the source for much of what passes as "news"
- controlled by centralized, authoritarian and top-down management hierarchy
- corporate monoculture stifles wide array of potential sources for news and opinion

- "owned" by a large and diverse array of small business and community organizations
- focused on improving community
- issues important to citizens and their communities take precedence
- guided by dispersed, democratic and bottom-up authority
- complex community ecosystems encourage a wide diversity of opinion and ideas

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